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3. Psychology:
There have been many research stating the benefits of rising early in the morning, but the UK’s Emmy Jones, Peter’s Jonasov, and Meena Liones have received the IG Nobel Prize in research this year, after arriving late in the morning. This team has found that people who are late in the morning, are more self-employed than those who get up early, who work efficiently and are psychologically. Jones says that if a person with these symptoms is successful, they can get a favorable job and reach the highest level of job. Their marital life is also happy. In the event of failure, he lives life in jail. Amy Jones was very surprised at the announcement of the award. Jones did not listen to the IG Nobel Prize earlier.

4. Public Health:
Parents who can read the news of Public Health’s IG Nobel Prize can claim that their mental health is better than those who are cat-shepherd. Jarosław Flang, Jain Havilikek, Jitka Hanusova Lindowa, David Hanauer, Naren Ramakrishnan and Lisa Seyfried, of the University of Michigan’s Medical School found that 41% of cat-biting 750 patients are victims of depression. Generally, the percentage of depressed patients is found to be 9. Diseased people also suffer from 29% of depression. Normally any research finds a solution to any question, but their research has raised a new question that catcases cause catastrophic or depressed people cats, three times before you cat a cat, the result of cat-eating is depression Could.

5. Biology:
Scientists of Germany and Czech Republic have done research under the leadership of Hynek Burda and discovered that while immersing the stool-urine, dogs keep their body parallel to the force lines of the north-south magnetic axis. This fact came out after studying the physical conditions of sewage-urine immersion of 37 dogs of 37 varieties. Several new questions have arisen from the study done for two consecutive years. One question is why do dogs do this? This research has forced the scientists to think that how does magnetic storm affect the animals in the brain?

6. Art:
Science and Arts have been considered as two separate subjects, but this science award has demonstrated the importance of art. Scientists Marina de Tomasco, Michael Sardarro and Paolo Livia have to know that while looking at beautiful pictures, a person may experience less pain than laser rays, while the same laser radiation is more painful when looking at unsightly images. Researchers used powerful laser rays for their studies.

7. Economics:
Many times the IG Nobel Prize is also used for satirizing the work of a country or institution. European Union has ordered member countries to increase national income. In compliance with that order, Italy’s National Statistical Institute has suggested to the Italian government that if the money received from illegal legalities such as prostitution, unmanned drug trade, smuggling can be added to national income, then the national income of the country can be instantly Will increase. To find out this successful success of earning income, the entire Italian government has been awarded (Ignored) the IG Nobel Prize 2014.

8. Medicines:
The IG Nobel Prize of Medicine has been given on the use of dry pork meat in salt to prevent uncontrolled nose of scientists from America and India. Dr. Sonal Saraiya and his colleagues were unable to stop the nose of one patient even after taking all the nuxes of medicine. On the lines of what does not die, those medicalists did not refrain from using the nuxes adopted by tribals. Modern medical failures and conventional remedies have been passed.