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9. Polar Science:
This year’s IG Nobel Prize has been given to Aijel Reimeras and Iftext to check the behavior of Randerer. These scientists have come to know that the behavior of the radiator is different from the polar bears and the common man. In experiments, scientists sent a person as a normal human form and later sent it as a polar bear. It was found in the experiment that when watching the person wearing dark human clothes, the radiator begins to trick at twice as far as watching the polar bear.

10. Nutrition:
By knowing the topic of the IG Nobel Prize for 2014 Nutrition, you must start chasing. This team of scientists used the bacteria extracted from children to make nutritious and nutritious substances. Bacteria have been used since time immemorial to make fertilized material from grains. Spanish scientists have reported that probiotic bacteria can also be used in making frozen canned non-vegetarian food. Those people who are forbidden to use milk products can also benefit from them. Lactic acid bacteria can survive in the acidic environment of the intestine. The award-winning scientists, RQL Rubino, Anna Zoofre, Bellen Martin, Teresa Aamerik and Margharita Garriga have listed the symptoms of bacteria playing the role of beginner in probiotic production.

The winners were given 60 seconds to present their consent speech. Eighty-year-old girl Miss Sweetie was presently awaiting the suspension of scientists who took longer time. When a scientist takes too much time, Miss Sweetie shouted out loud and said, ‘Stop, I’m bored’. The absentee winners sent the video approval. There were two set sessions for throwing the air pistol of paper on the stage.

Rob Chinheart and Doctor Yoshiro Nakamatsu were present as speakers during the ceremony. Robbeenhart has gained fame by making all-in-one food-soilants. Doctor Yoshiro Nakamatsa is a talented Japanese inventor and has so far received 3000 patents. Dr. Yoshiro was given the IG Nobel Prize in 2005 for the reason that he had saved the photo of every meal made in 34 years of life.

This festival, which is a celebration of opera singers, is an amazing annual event of the science world. Some people call the IG Nobel Prize the parody of the real Nobel Prize but it is not appropriate to say that. The scientific significance of the research chosen for these awards is similar to the research that receives the real Nobel prize. Their subjects differ slightly from the realm of general thinking. Several other arrangements were made to keep the program entertaining. The program started with a traditional ‘Welcome, Welcome’, and the last ‘Goodbye, bye’ song.