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Everyone was able to see the identity of the relationship first and then face it. Like we see the similarities between the faces of Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. Hema Malini and Isha Diol look similar or have similar looks in Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan’s looks. Most of you people will know that they have a relation between each other, whether it is a mother or a daughter, a mother or a son or a father-son. That is why their faces meet each other.
They all know that children always have physical characteristics or symptoms like their mother or father, such as the color of the eyes, hair color, nose texture, or the body’s texture and color, etcetera etc .. Not only this, sometimes the children also look like their grandparents or grandparents. In this way, you have to raise the question that why do children often look like their parents? Why do they have symptoms of their parents?

Well, whether you thought about it or not, but years ago the scientists had started thinking about it. Scientists took a lot of time to learn this. And not just one, but many scientists have used different experiments to get the full information about this. One such experiment was done about 150 years ago today. In 1865, Gregor Johann Mendel initiated the initiatives to know the reasons for heredity derived from heredity.

In 1865, Gregor Johann Mendel experimented on the pea plant and gave his rules about the causes of hereditary symptoms. Through his experiments, Mendel discovered that due to the fact that the different factors obtained from the parents are influential and weak, different symptoms appear in the offspring. But what was the element that transmitted the symptoms of the parents to the children, they did not get the information.

In 1903, geneticist Walter proceeded to use Mandel’s experiment to make it clear by his experiments that due to chromosome, genetic traits are transmitted from one generation to another. Not only this, it became clear that the basis of the rules of heredity given by Mendel are also two different forms of assault in which one is strong and the other is weak.

But by that time it was unclear that genes are in proteins located in the chromosome or in Nucleic Acid i.e. DNA. Different scientists started experimenting themselves to discover this. Some scientists have done many experiments about DNA with Bacteria and Virus. The use of Friedrich Griffith and other scientists revealed that DNA is a nucleic acid in which the genetic instructions are contained. Thus it was found that DNA is essential for the development of any living organism. DNA is also found in some viruses.

The DNA has all the information about all the chemical processes happening in our body. Our genes are made of DNA which we get from our parents. Which traits of the parents will be transferred to their children such as what will be the color of our eyes, how our hair will be, how our nose will be, or what will be the color of our body, etc., DNA makes us Also – like we are Not only this, the DNA of any two people is not the same. A lot of information can also be obtained by DNA about us or our ancestors. This DNA is the same as the scientists detected the lost link between the monkey and man.