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Every human has its own separate DNA form, due to which the law solves judicial crimes easily. DNA is the reason of heredity. Based on the use of Griffis, it was found that our body is composed of 100 trillion cells working together at which the DNA is located inside the chromosome at its center and DNA is the element which is the cause of hereditary traits i.e. heredity.

Today we know that just as bricks make bricks and houses from walls, in the same way our body is also made up of cells, in which the nucleus, chromosome, Histone, DNA and genes, Together there are proteins. There are about 100 trillion cells in our body. All these cells are arranged in our skin, bones, muscles, nervous system etc. The nucleus in the center of the cells controls the functions of the cells. In the nucleus, 23 chromosomes are in two pairs. This means that there are a total of 46 chromosomes in the nucleus.

DNA in chromosomes is wrapped on a protein called histone, due to which it looks very small in size. When the cell is split, the DNA located in the chromosome is also divided and it creates its own pattern. Some cells, such as our hair and nail cells, are dead, but they are continuously divided due to their roots being alive. Other cells, such as our brain, muscles, and heart cells, sometimes stop after splitting. DNA makes its own pattern at different speeds during partitioning in different types of cells.

Through the hard work and research of the scientists, we have learned today that DNA is the only element that causes the symptoms of parents in children. And that’s why the eyes of Hema Malini and Isha Diol look the same, Mallika Sarabhai and Vikram Sarabhai have a similar look in the looks, and Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan look alike. Thus DNA Fingerprinting was born.

Tinker in the thief’s beard Now this saying is also scientific, it is not necessary, but if the thief’s beard does not get a single hair, neither does the police catch him. DNA fingerprint name is to be heard, no, great sign. DNA fining printing runs a lot. In fact, the finger winger has no hand in finger printing in DNA finger printing? DNA is genetic material then. And our cells have the same DNA that each one has different DNA in the cell and every one has a cell, so if we want to identify if someone has a son or not, then we have to see that his father has no DNA The mark in it is whether or not DNA and their mother also have a mark or not.

Nowadays DNA finger printing is a process through which the identification of a person is ensured. For this, sample of DNA is taken from the person’s hair, saliva or blood. DNA i.e. Deoxyribonucleic acid is a celestial composition that occurs in the nucleus of each individual cell. The thing that keeps the two ends of the DNA connected together is called bassbearer. By the way, there are several million bayers in the DNA. On the basis of which the person is identified. But it takes a lot of time. Therefore, scientists use certain select sequences of DNA that are distinctly different in each person other than parents.