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In the process of DNA finger printing, DNA is first removed from the body or tissues of the body. After this DNA is cut into several pieces of different sizes with the help of Angimes. Now these pieces are sorted with a special part according to their size. Then the distribution of these pieces of DNA is transferred to a Nylon sheet. Later, this Naalon Sheet, Radio Active or Color Protector Ed. From this, a pattern emerges on the sheet, this is what we call DNA Fringering Printing. This looks like a barcode printed on the tag of any purchased goods.

Similarly, identification of the person on the basis of equality or inequality found in two DNA fingerprints is ensured. Whether it is a case of a parity or a crime, So in this way it is very necessary to know in crime etc. and it has started to be used. Surprisingly, 50 years ago, we did not know what DNA was meant to be. It is such a new thing 50-55 years ago, but today it is being used very well.

Well, as often as we use today in a conversation such as DNA, it is only a question mark stemming from human thought that years ago, our curiosity made many answer-solving answers to genetic science. And today we are using DNA to identify relationships. In the future, many diseases will be possible through DNA. By improving the DNA responsible for the diseases in the coming time, the diseases will be saved from spreading. And such searches have started.

The Nobel Prize awarded to this year in the field of chemistry is given for the study work on the repair of DNA. Three Nobel Prizes of Chemistry will be given to the three scientists, Tomas Lindahl, Paul L. Modrich and Aziz Sancar. He has done important research work on the repair of DNA. DNA repair is a collection of procedures in which the detection of DNA in the cell is identified.

Humans can be damaged by human activities and ultraviolet radiations and DNA. DNA repair depends on many factors like cell age, cell type, and the environment outside the cell. DNA repair is also likely to treat many genetic diseases in the future. This is the reason that the work done in this field for Nobel prize is considered important.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences says that the study of these scientists has helped to understand how the situation can worsen in such cases of cancer. And these scientists told how the cells repair damaged DNA. Tomas Lindal is currently working in the UK’s Francis Crick Institute. Paul Modishish and Aziz Sanker are working in Universities of the United States. The amount of 80 million Swedish Kroner, which will be distributed among the highest prize given in the world of science, will be divided equally among the three winners.