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Scientists believe that one day the vast reservoir of hydrogen gas present in the sun will end. This will increase the Sun by 100 times its size. Then whatever comes in the expanse of its expanse, it will become evaporated in it. The earth will also be one among them. This situation will come after about five billion years

But Italian astronomers rejected this fear. In a research published in the science journal ‘Nature’, Dr. Roberto Silvotti of the Observatory of Naples, Italy, said that due to this great explosion in the Sun, planets such as Mercury and Venus will disappear, but the earth will not end.

The basis of their argument is the discovery of a gaseous planet recently, which is one-third from Jupiter in size. This planet orbits a star called ‘V 391 Pegasy’ and is situated at a distance of 1.7 astronomical units (the distance between the Sun from the Earth is an astronomical unit). This planet revolves around once every 3.2 years of Pegasy. According to Sylvotti it is one of the most ancient known planets. According to him, Pegasi was also a huge gaseous ball like the sun before, but after the massive explosion on it, half of its visible part was destroyed. Despite this he was saved

Chilvati’s statement is that during the Great Blast in the Sun, distance from the Sun to the Earth will be more than one and a half times the distance, that is, then our Earth will be located 1.5 sunglasses away from the sun. On this basis, Silvotta believes that when the planet located at a distance of 1.7 astronomical units can survive, then the Earth located away from the 1.5 celestial unit will also be saved from becoming a sun. However, life will be completely eliminated from here (provided that it has not already ended).

But not all scientists agree with Sylvotti’s logic. University of Leicester, Britain’s astronomer, Matt Strege says that it can not be compared between the two. The appearance of planets is quite different from each other. Similarly, the expansion of the stars will also be different. Therefore, on the basis of the similarity of the distance, it can not be said that our earth will be protected from the Sun’s wrath. Lllegge says that our earth is situated on such a border, where it can escape punishment in the sun or even arousal of the sun.

They say that the sun will turn into hot white wannan star after the fire becomes a giant shell. This will make the earth look like X-ray and ultraviolet radiation. If the earth survives the sun’s stomach, then this radiation will make it lifeless. Then there will be nothing but a giant sphere of barren sticks.